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Robert Paturel

Robert began to make his weapons in the ring. Several times Champion of France, he became European Champion Boxing French in 1984, when there were no higher title in this discipline. 

Became a police officer after goalkeeper Robert made ​​quickly aware of the constraints of street fighting and utility of a properly conducted without losing face negotiation. As he says himself "find the right words to avoid the worst evils." Practicing sincere, inquisitive and not hesitating to become student "Patu", as her friends call her, retains a shape and an impeccable standard.

He is the designer of the "Safety © Tonfa" method widely recognized, and the "Street Boxing" his version of self defense, from a mixture of techniques from different boxes he practiced. Generous teacher, he loves teaching and is sparing neither his time nor his knowledge. At the Academy he is now in charge of training in safety. Unanimously agreed he trained and inspired hundreds of students in France and abroad.

CV :

  • Monitor APP (physical and occupational activities)
  • Monitor shooting
  • Sniper rifle trained THP3 (high precision shooter)
  • Police monitor sports combat.
  • 2 BEES (patent status as a sports 2nd degree) French Boxing
  • Professor of French boxing graduate status
  • Gold Glove
  • 103 fights (88 wins, 11 losses, 4 draws)
  • Six times champion of France,
  • European Champion 1984
  • Professor Stick Police side handle (tonfa)
  • Creator of the French security method taught in the Police tonfa
  • Degree trader (crisis management).
  • RAID instructor for 20 years (tactical, shooting, combat).
  • Authorization to conduct fast vehicles
  • Diploma of negotiator in crisis

Expert :

  • TONFA and STICK DEFENSE (creator of the French method)

Author of books :