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Pascal Tournier

Manages a business in a mountain environment

  • ADAC framework Cane Street
  • Monitor and stick cane
  • ADAC host Boxing street
  • Author of "street rod, basic techniques" primitive Editions Emotions

Attracted by contact sports, I practiced rugby excellent school physical commitment and team spirit.

Worked out in the mountains, my practice of rugby is found limited. I then turned toward the Martial Arts disciplines including education was available in the Alpine valleys.
At each change of location was a new practice. Thus I was able to taste the joys of Kobudo, Jujitsu and French Cane.

My attraction to guns has led me to develop my technical skills through internships in Paris Amelie les Bains.

Participating in a training stick lavished by ADAC in Les Arcs, I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness reigned, all imbued with a serious and a very good level of education quality. Best rubbed beginners, no spirit of condescension.

The quality of some or other Eric Robert, yet widely enough to justify their serve the "Master" when approached. But this is not the philosophy of ADAC, whose mind is much more "franchouillard" than Asian.

I could only agree with this mindset and principles

Robert PATUREL was the trigger for the development of Cane Street. I remember a discussion, during which he said "it's a shame that apart from the sport cane there is no applicable to a self-defense method."

Thus, saying "why not me? "I started my research techniques used with a bent rod in the context of street defense.

Today it is with great respect and pleasure that I meet members of the ADAC.

Thank you ERIC ROBERT.