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Michel Benes

I started martial arts with judo at the age of 7. Child, I dreamed of being the strongest of the playground, even the strongest in the world!
I was assured that the Judo made ​​invincible. At 18, however, the irresistible attraction of Little Dragon (Bruce Lee) made ​​me turn to karate. And I was assured that karate made ​​invincible ...

One day, my friend Patrice (now head of the ADAC Bain de Bretagne) offered me a friendly savate assault on the lawn of the campus.
I accepted with enthusiasm and put on my first boxing gloves with pride. My enthusiasm was somewhat shocked (and some of my neurons) when the irascible Breton placed me twice his famous hook to the chin ... Stars dissipated, I decided to go see this room savate or he trained. Seduced by the atmosphere a little turn of the century, but also the effectiveness and practicality of this sport, I continued juqu'à today from the way my glove and my money tutoring.

I was almost filled. However, I missed one closer to the reality of the street more practical ... It was then that I heard of Savate Defense. Happily I was trained by Eric Quequet and Robert Paturel in Tonfa Baton and during summer internships memorable. The answer sessions and savate Money in my pocket, I had the chance to invite Eric home to conduct a course. Tonight there after libations strength that I got both a great hangover and a revelation that I was looking for, this openness, this realistic and comprehensive approach to the defense and the friendliness existed ADAC!
So I joined the team at ADAC and I continue to move forward with them with passion, bringing my modest contribution, happy and honored to work with men like Eric and Robert, and with all members.

  • ADAC executive officer
  • Facilitator training CATS
  • Consultant / trainer in conflict management
  • Monitor and Silver Glove Boxing French
  • Monitor and Gant money Savate Defense
  • Monitor Stick Defense
  • Monitor Savate Form
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Author of the book "Overcoming fear of aggression"