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Lionel Lalo


  • Former nightclub doorman
  • Police Officer

Fitness Trail:

  • ADAC executive officer
  • Street Defense Instructor
  • Facilitator training CATS
  • Black belt in Judo and Ju-Jitsu former competitor
  • Monitor Boxing French
  • Silver Glove Savate French Boxing and former competitor
  • Monitor Savate Defense Stick
  • National Patent Safety and Aquatic Rescue (BNSSA)
  • In the 70s, Bruce Lee had posters of all cinemas.
  • At that time, I practiced gymnastics and wrestling, unfortunately, following the fad, everyone is returned to the martial arts and the wrestling club closed arts.

So I got registered club Judo Ju-Jitsu, where I spent several years.

Reached adulthood, I did a stint in the Free Boxing which led me later to the French Boxing.

In the 90s, I opened in my town, club and Savate French Boxing Defence, at that time, I was part of the minority who taught Savate Defense.

In the ADAC, I find all the values ​​that I sought all these years in various sports I played :

  • stress management
  • technical
  • the scenarios
  • confidence
  • as close as possible to the actual situations to compensate for the better with the unknown
  • always question
  • out of the stereotypical
  • a lifestyle
  • be effective

We have nothing to envy of martial arts, our heritage is very rich.
The Art of Defense Street is to put all the ingredients in the order: out of a critical situation unscathed by putting his attackers out to harm while respecting the law.

Eric Quequet a humble friend, a reference in the field of defense.