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Eric Quequet

The Academy Of Arts Combat was founded by Eric Quequet

Former competitor, teacher and French Savate Boxing Policeman in active service. Eric, many times confronted with violence, found that science fists and feet proved insufficient in real fighting. In the exercise of his profession he had noted the interest of good stress management and the importance of verbal negotiation to reduce tensions and avoid conflicts.

Creating the Academy Of Arts Combat Tiersonnier with his friend Eric, he was able to complete his research and develop three complementary methods for their contributions; Savate Defense (of which he was the National Technical Authority for 10 years) CATS: (Concept of Adaptation in Tactical Situation) and Amazon Training, reserved for women.

Keen on pedagogy, teaching quality can move in the right mood and respect for others.


  • Police officer for 13 years, including the security group of the President of the Republic. (GSPR).
  • Trainer sport shooting and technical police
  • State Savate French Boxing patent. (BEES1 °)
  • Certified professional fitness trainer.
  • Savate defense instructor
  • Tonfa baton instructor and defense
  • National Technical Manager of Savate Defense during 10 years
  • Holder of National Patent Monitoring and Aquatic Rescue (BNSSA)
  • Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Speaking to business training in the management of stress and conflict
  • Trained in relaxation techniques and Californian massage (ARTEC Training)