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Amazon Training

Amazon training is a self-defence and fitness method developed since 2002 and specially designed for women.
Its objective is to offer a dynamic method to achieve a good physical condition and to develop defensive psychological skills against aggression.

The apprenticeship is structured along the following lines :

  • Knowledge of high risk situations : In order to be able to identify, analyse them and adapt a strategy
  • Mental preparation :  To be able to manage one's emotions and use them to escape, negotiate or face the situation.
  • Physical preparation : To gradually acquire a (very) good physical condition, shape one's body and become more resistant and flexible.
  • Technique preparation : To master simple techniques intended to be efficient under stress.


There are three different ways to practice Amazon training :

  • Weekly classes in a few clubs
  • Topic training courses. To work on one aspect (e.g. "Self-defence when wearing urban clothing" or "How to use every day things to protect oneself" or "hand to hand fighting"…)
  • Regular or punctual individual lessons to focus on a particular aspect (contact us for more informations). 


For women of at least 15 years old. There is no age limitation but a medical fitness certificate for self-defence practice is required. Adolescents will have to provide parental consent.
Women victims of violence should inform their teacher.