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ADAC Xperience

The objective of the “Académie Des Arts de Combat” is to teach its members to prevent violent acts and confront them when appropriate. It is from this perspective that self-defence methods have been developped and adapted to a large audience.

It was soon realized that efficient self-defence was not only a question of physical training but also a matter of mental well being, acquisition of skills and experience of realistic conflictual situations.
Given this objective, the teaching staff has developed specific training to share with you the experience of a unique self-defence method.
Discover the various types of training and register on courses page. Live the ADAC Xperience.

1/ REAL LIFE SITUATION TRAINING COURSES (CATS)Vivez des situations de conflits réalistes et apprenez à réagir avec efficacité

Will you be able to manage your stress and handle situations of conflict or aggression. Will you do the right thing to protect your physical integrity and other's. Experience realistic simulated situations. C.A.T.S. training (Concept d'Adaptation Tactique en Situation) confront the participants to realistic situations while being filmed. It leads them to understand what is at stake, to refine insight and vigilance and keep the situation under control.

2/ PROTECTION AGAINST BLADED WEAPONSApprenez à vous défendre contre les armes blanches

How to react to an attack by a bladed weapon ? Myth or reality ? What should you do first ? A training session to be aware of bladed weapon danger and to bring elements of a response.


How to face an aggressor armed with a stick or other blunt instrument. A specific course to identify the inherent dangers of such a weapon and the strategies you can use.


Understanding what causes conflicts, how they develop and explode. How to avoid conflict and its potential dramatic consequences by using simple communication skills.


This training enables one to assess one's behaviour when confronted with tense situations, physiological and psychological mechanisms of stress. One learns the use of physical, emotional and cognitive tools to optimize one's adaptive capacities.Learn more.

6/ WILDERNESS SURVIVAL SKILLSSurvivre en pleine nature, apprenez à rester en vie si vous êtes perdu en hostile.

How to survive, to seek shelter, build a fire, to locate and feed oneself when lost in the wild. The training session will answer these questions.


How to get more physical flexibility, how to exercise and in which order. How to relax and do simple massages at home or at the gym.


You will get to learn how to develop the physical abilities of your trainees. You will understand what type of muscle to build and for what purpose. What to do to increase speed, resistance and endurance. Learn more.