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ADAC - Pros

"L'Académie Des Arts de Combat" has for several years developed training methods for professionals confronted by aggression and violence in their working environment.

All coaches and instructors have been chosen for their high skill and expertise level.

ADAC France is registered with the French Ministry of labour as a vocational training establishment.
All training sessions offered by ADAC France are legally eligible for individual training (DIF). Please, contact us to prepare a registration dossier.

Two rates :

  • Individual rate for those who finance their own training.
  • Professional rate, issued on request, for those whose company finances the training or for a company that organizes training for its employees.

Companies or organizations may request our training services "à la carte". Please, contact us for special request.

To find the training course you're looking for, please, visit the training courses page.

Security Professionals

(obligation de fournir un extrait de casier judiciaire N° 3 ainsi qu'une photocopie de carte professionnelle) 

"CATS" Real life situation training, special "Security" 1 or 2 days

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This course will confront you with professional context situations and will help you take stock of your abilities.

Rich in teachings, this training will help you challenge yourself and have better control of your reactions.

Close protection training (from 2 to 7 days)

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This training is designed for people involved in the protection of VIPs.

Supervised by Robert Paturel and/or Eric Quequet (see resume here) who are respectively ex member of the RAID (Recherche, Assistance, Intervention, Dissuasion) and ex member of the GSPR (Groupe de Sécurité de la Présidence de la République). Both of them assured many close protection missions as well as training courses.

Physical protection techniques training.

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How to master one or several agressive individuals, respecting the criminal procedure code ?

How to handle a critical situation, when on one's own or with others, and not injure anyone or get injured.

Knowledge and use of firearms training

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Several training courses supervised by Eric Quequet (Trainer at SPHP: VIPs French Protection Service), Robert Paturel (RAID trainer) and a shooting coach (ADAC trainer).

These courses are designed to meet the needs of professional bearers of a firearm. There are different course levels.

Expandable defence baton training

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How to use the expandable defence baton as an alternative to firearms.

Professional intervention techniques training (TPAI level 1, 2 and 3). One day per level.

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This training includes professional techniques such as identity and physical verification, handcuffing, tactical progression… And also practice of tonfa and expandable baton.

Side handle baton training (Tonfa level 1, 2 and 3)

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Robert Paturel, who brought this tool to France, has developed the FFTS method. This method has been taught within the national and city police forces by teachers having been trained by him. The original: Often copied, never surpassed !

Open professional

Aggressiveness management training

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This training session is intended for people confronted with potentially aggressive audience. It helps understand the causes of a conflict, adapt good communication strategies and defuse tensions.

One learns to protect oneself in case of acting out.

Stress management training

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This training course enables one to assess one's behaviour when confronted with tense situations.

Physiological and psychological mechanisms of stress. One learns the use of physical, emotional and cognitive tools to optimize one's adaptive abilities.

Prevention and awareness of bladed weapons or blunt instruments

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How to react to an attack by a bladed weapon or by a blunt instrument? Myth or reality ? What can you do to survive ? 

Crisis negotiation technique training

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To negotiate with an overwrought individual about to take action is a very delicate art of listening and observing.

You will get to learn it with a RAID negotiator. 

"CATS" real life situation training, 1 or 2 days

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Face real life situations to test your reaction capabilities. Rich in teaching, this training course will help challenge yourself to increase your training efficiency.

Knowledge and use of fire arms training

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Citizens who have an authorization of acquisition and possession of firearms: Security, safe handling, fundamentals of marksmanship.

Self-defence or martial art trainers in order to adapt their method according to a real knowledge of firearms (Certificate of no criminal record N° 3 and copy of I.D. are required)